City Paper
April 15-21, 2004

Philadelphia Clown Crawl

I'll admit it: Clowns bother me. They don't scare me -- as they do some people. No, clowns irk me. It's the bicycle horns and the tiny hats. But not Psydde Delicious -- he of the Fast Cheap chain of parties. With a solid resolve set to "stun," Delicious' response to having Ringling Brothers circus' 134th edition at the Wachovia Center is to lead his own parade: the Philadelphia Clown Crawl. "Originally intended to be a low-key kickoff and promotional tool to gather interest and content for my under-construction clown-porn web ring

, I realized quickly this event was born of personal obsession," said Delicious. "Suddenly I knew it could be something bigger and important." Delicious designed this clown pub crawl as a friendly event (in a drunken-clown sort of way), wherein kids of all ages (but certainly of drinking age) could join with the usual pool of boozy South Streeters and get dolled up professionally. Circus makeup will be provided by Amy and Maureen of Twist, with clown noses and props available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Who secretly, despite the fear and loathing of clowns, doesn’t have really big red shoes in their clothes closet? Honk if you have ’em.

Philadelphia Clown Crawl, Sat., April 17, 8:30 p.m.-2 a.m, beginning at Tattooed Mom’s, 530 South St., 8 p.m.; makeup application, 8-9 p.m., $15; "clown-only" drink specials available at each bar along the crawl

.—A.D. Amorosi


Philadelphia Weekly
April 14-20, 2004

Here's What's Fun
>> Clowns are so scariest!: Psydde Delicious, apparently unsatisfied with horrifying people by showing them flabby nude boobs, has decided to make Philadelphia's coulrophobes, well, shit themselves. He's organized a "clown crawl" in celebration of the Ringling Bros. Circus' arrival in town, and more than 50 clowns are expected to traipse down South Street this Saturday, visiting Tattooed Mom, the Pontiac, Mako's, Club 218, Bridget Foy's and La Tazza.



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There is a large societal and cosmic responsibility that a clown must accept...A clown stands on a vast plain of no boundary. His eyes recognize no obstacles, no cliffs, no enemies. This eternal plain gives him the peculiar sorrow and solitude that a clown has to have and endure... The clown, as a clown, abandoning social codes and customs, roots himself in this plain of solitude and eternity. This is his first and foremost task. This archaic boundary-free plain ranges under our solid conscious lives and, if you like, can be called "cosmos". A genuine clown knows how to reach the cosmos and how to walk and dance here as well as how to balance himself on a ball. Standing on a huge, soundless cosmos-ball makes a man a clown. He is life itself, with no dress, no accessory. He embraces life as it is before distorted by a number of social restrictions. He savors it sweetest and sourest, as Christ might have experienced toward and on the cross...

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