April 17th, 2004... the first annual "ClownCrawl".
Join 50 other clowns for the
most outrageous pub crawl ever!

Coming Summer 2005... "Clowns Across America"
... a patriotic clown-unity event to help raise funding and support for the Million Mime March.


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There is a large societal and cosmic responsibility that a clown must accept...A clown stands on a vast plain of no boundary. His eyes recognize no obstacles, no cliffs, no enemies. This eternal plain gives him the peculiar sorrow and solitude that a clown has to have and endure... The clown, as a clown, abandoning social codes and customs, roots himself in this plain of solitude and eternity. This is his first and foremost task. This archaic boundary-free plain ranges under our solid conscious lives and, if you like, can be called "cosmos". A genuine clown knows how to reach the cosmos and how to walk and dance here as well as how to balance himself on a ball. Standing on a huge, soundless cosmos-ball makes a man a clown. He is life itself, with no dress, no accessory. He embraces life as it is before distorted by a number of social restrictions. He savors it sweetest and sourest, as Christ might have experienced toward and on the cross...

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